In a Nutshell: A family-owned neighborhood spot in the heart of Bridgeport that focuses on organic and locally-sourced ingredients.  Classic American comfort food with Mexican favorites make this an excellent spot for an indulgent brunch or tasty dinner.  Unless the White Sox are playing, it’s just a quick drive down 90/94 with plenty of free street parking available.

Ambiance: With exposed bricks and white trim, the interior is really cute.  Upon entering, the front room houses a waiting section, a few tables, a small bar area and an open air kitchen.  The side room provides a larger dining area.  In warmer months, there is sidewalk seating in an open wooden structure with planters of beautiful flowers.  Everything flows together quite nicely except… the wall art that can only be described as “Sad Goth Angels.” Not to be dramatic, but the images are sort of startling among the white wainscoting and rustic brick, all while trying to enjoy a relaxing brunch. The artist must be a friend or family member as they look pretty out of place in this otherwise adorable restaurant.

Service: Especially at brunch, this place is busy, busy, busy.  They do not accept brunch reservations, although they do for all other times. From the initial wait (usually around 30 minutes at peak brunch times) to the ordering to the check, the entire process manages to flow pretty smoothly despite the seemingly endless weekend surge. The only challenge is usually around adult beverages.  While they do have a full bar, it’s certainly not a main focus of their operation and sometimes the drinks take a little while to arrive.

Beverages: While the bar is not the centerpiece of Nana, they do a great job of developing a few tasty rotating cocktails for both brunch and dinner.  In the summer, they traditionally offer $5 fresh fruit cocktails on Wednesdays or Thursday nights (the blackberry mojito was especially refreshing). For the non-drinkers, they also offer freshly-squeezed juice and Metropolis coffee.

Food: A great range of sweet and savory, traditional American fare and Mexican classics like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros.  Seasonally, they offer a few amazing delectable sweet treats: their famous doughnut holes appetizers (little carbohydrate gems like lemon ricotta with a fresh raspberry glaze in the spring) and entrees such as pumpkin pancakes and poached pear french toast in the fall.  They also offer amazing house-made jam and the fruit side option is always fresh and seasonally appropriate (never an aging, soggy Sysco cantaloupe/honeydew/pineapple/grape mix in sight!) I haven’t been for dinner nearly as often but it’s reasonably priced with a great range of light& healthy options to Fatty McFatterson goodness.

The Devil’s in the Details: From my first visit, Nana sold me by batting 1000 on some of my brunch imperatives: tasty adult beverages, fresh cream, fresh jam and above all, fresh fruit! Throw in the ever changing doughnut holes, organic ingredients, friendly service and ladies and gents, we have a winner!


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