Chicago 2A site dedicated to cataloging my restaurant and bar experiences in this great city of Chicago!

The site was inspired by my husband, Leet, who is always urging me to write about my passion for food, bars and restaurants. Dining out is one of my favorite hobbies and he joins me for spot after spot, patiently listening to me dissect the details of our experiences. Unfortunately, I would sometimes forget a restaurant or exactly why I loved (or got all riled up by!) a place. Especially when asked for recommendations, I would get frustrated when I failed to jog my entire mental Rolodex. For years he has been saying a perfect solution would be a blog to keep my memories and suggestions sharp.  At seven years into my Chicago dining journey, I sadly won’t be able to capture many of the wonderful past experiences but this is an attempt to review some of my favorites, as well as a few duds.

The name, along with the entire design of the site, was created by Leet to help me get going on what seemed like an overwhelming undertaking, given the backlog from all these years. The “Mrs” is an ode my keeping my maiden name; in my decision to remain a lifelong “Ms” this is a little area where I’m happy to be called a Mrs. “Food Lady” is what we joke our rescue pup Charlie Brown calls me. When we first adopted him, he was pretty aloof but warmed up around mealtime as he, like his adoptive mother, is very “food-motivated.” He seemed to think my main purpose in life was to feed him, especially when that meant his favorite treat: bacon.  

And with that, this site is a little tribute to my two best boys and, of course, the amazing dining scene here in Chicago.



  1. Love!!! Those pics capture both your boys perfectly. Your blog is awesome! Well thought out design and layout. How about some throwback Boston restaurants?


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